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Welcome to Autumn Vale Rest Home

Autumn Vale has been committed to providing high quality Mental Health Care for over 30 years. We specialise in looking after people with mental health issues from adults to older persons in Southsea, Hampshire.




Recovery Service

As mental health services evolve in the UK so has our service. We provide a ‘Recovery Service’ expanding on our one-to-one work with the clients in a tailored, individual manner with the goal of the client moving into a more independent living environment. As the client you will have individual goals you need to maintain or achieve to feel safe and secure when living more independently. The kind of life building skills we provide includes:

  1. Medication – Learn(or continue) to self-administeryour medication supported by trained and experienced staff.
  2. o Cooking and using the kitchen – Learn(or continue) to cook various meals, make hot drinks, learn to use a cooker, microwave and kettle (or expand your independence by using these equipment. Learn about cross contaminations, food hygiene and safety in the kitchen.
  3. o Shopping – Work with the Recovery Workers and gain confidence in going out into the community to buy goods for cooking a meal or clothes to keep warm.
  4. o Public transport – Gain confidence in using the local public transport and how to plan a route to a set destination such as visiting friends or family.
  5. o Community activities – start joining in with local groups and expanding your social circles. Meet more people and gain confidence whilst making friends.
  6. o House keeping – take responsibility for your environment. Develop routines that make light work of everyday tasks.


The list continues with the recovery work – if you’re interested please speak to the Manager and see how we can help you.


Long-term Mental Health Service

We continue to offer long-term mental health placement for those needing support to live with their mental health on a day-to-day basis. Please call us to discuss potential placements.


We treat everyone with dignity and respect. We ensure that people have as much control over their own lives as possible.


We believe it's extremely important to promote independence and understand that all of our clients should be treated as individuals. Each client has a plan of care designed around their requirements and preferences, granting them choice in aspects of their daily routine. We also welcome regular visits from family and friends.


You are welcome to drop in to Autumn Vale when you wish or make an appointment to see our Registered Home Manager personally. By contacting the Home Manager, you will receive professional guidance and advice on a wide range of care issues and how the services we offer will meet your requirements. For further assistance and enquiries about our services please call us on 02392826034 or email info@autumn-vale.co.uk.





As a provider of Care Services, Autumn Vale Rest Home is regulated by The Care Quality Commission (CQC) an independent regulator of health and adult social care in England. The CQC inspect care homes on a regular basis through unannounced inspections and complete detailed reports on their findings. These reports indicate the level of the service the home delivers against essential standards set by the CQC.

To read our inspection reports on the CQC website please click here